Thursday, 21 March 2013

GIVEAWAY | Beautifeye lenses [ENDED]

At the start of the month as you may remember, i did a post on a contact lense company called Beautifeye. In my post i reviewed their fabulous honey coloured lenses. To see the post on my review click here.
Luckily for you guys i have been offered to giveaway a pair of lenses the same colour as the ones i own!
So for one lucky reader you will be able to give them a whirl yourself!

1) Follow me on GFC & Bloglovin.
2) Leave a comment below answering these three questions...

+ Whats your GFC & Bloglovin name?
+ What's your Natural eye colour?
+ Why you would like to try these honey colour lenses?

The giveaway will run for two weeks and the winner will be drawn either on here or via twitter @its_NMC depending on if i have a post to go live at the time.

Good luck everyone!


elin erna said...

GFC : Elin Erna
Blogloving : Elin Likes
My natural eye color is blue/grey and I've always wanted to try out different eye colors xx

Phoebe said...

GFC - phoebewatkins
Bloglovin - Phoebe

Natural eye colour - green
I think the colour will really match my skin tone, and hair colour.. I just think it will be so interesting to try something new. And see if people 1. notice, and 2. like it :)

OllieFox said...

GFC: Oleander Fox
Bloglovin: Oleander Catherine Fox
My natural eye colour changes somewhat. I'm not sure upon what the colour change depends on, but at their core they are blue-rimmed, with green/brown insides. I've always wanted to invest in coloured contacts, but the only ones I could find in my area were at a particularly dirty tattoo shop. The packages looked opened, so I opted not to buy them. I've always loved brown-toned eyes, and I'd love to see what they'd look like with my olivey skin.

Akilah said...

GFC: Akilah Simpson-Plummer
Bloglovin: Akilah Simpson-Plummer or perfectlyrandomblog (not sure which! lol)
My natural eye colour is reallyyy dark brown, so dark they look black. I'd like to try these lenses as I've never tried coloured lenses and I'd like to warm up my boring eye colour lol x

VioletDaffodils said...

you are such a pretty lady :D xx

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